Our Services

Massage and intensive facial care for normal skin, oily skin, aging skin ... helps skin deep clean, increase moisture, maintain the health of the skin, strongly impacts on the textures deciding the firmness of skin such as collagen, eslastin, bio acid.

The body massage exercises are selected the most delicate movements to warm the body, relieve stress muscles, enhance blood circulation, breath circulation, help the body recover quickly, bring a feeling of absolute relaxation.

With the perfect combination of movements similar to body massage, adding intensive exercises with acupressure on the shoulder and back helps reduce aches in the shoulder and neck and reduce headaches due to better blood circulation to the brain.

Enhancing intensive movements, acupressure on hands and feet, especially acupressure on the feet soles where many acupuncture points are concentrated leading to all parts of the body, helping to circulate blood and blood vessels, clear the meridians, reduce body

Body care with natural COCONUT ingredients: exfoliate with coconut or apply coconut nutrition to the body to remove dead skin cells, enhance moisture and nutrients to help the skin soft, smooth, silky.

Jacuzzi tub with Chinese medicine help release toxins, stress and tiredness. Regain energy, health for mind and body. There is a post accompanying body massage to bring lightness, relaxation, physical rehabilitation.

With high-class materials from Australia: liquid wax, solid wax (hot wax), lotion after wax, helps wax the body areas gently, effectively, without pain and no influence on the waxed skin.

Services of manicuring and pedicuring, professionally designed with two famous product lines are OPI and Memory: regular paint, Gel paint, attaching Stone, painting and applying artificial nails. Delicate and natural eyelash extensions service with premium eyelashes not causing side effects for eyelashes and eyes.

Service packages help save costs and provide the perfect relaxing experience for each choice that suits the needs of each customer.